Aspen Acres Assisted Living, located in Hayward, WI recently celebrated its accreditation anniversary which they gained in December of 2019.  This hardworking team has much to be proud of as they reflect on the continuous quality improvement that has helped provide high-quality care during the COVID-19 pandemic. Megan Johnson and Jen Sarbeck tells us what accreditation means to their community in this edition of the Diamond Spotlight.

Do you think accreditation has given or will give your community a distinction in the market? How so?

Participating in the WALA Diamond Program demonstrates our efforts to residents and their loved ones, and we believe this distinction is important in making the decision to select Aspen Acres as their new home.

What is special or unique about your community?

The people at Aspen Acres Assisted Living (Aspen Acres) and the general community who interact with us to provide a positive resident experience is what makes Aspen Acres special, starting with our residents and their loved ones who assist with the transition to their new home at Aspen Acres. Our team members’ genuine interest in providing quality care through resident-focused interactions is evident through resident council feedback. Our extensive relationships with our vendors and the medical community, including the hospital and clinics, assist in ensuring our residents and team members are provided with the resources required for success.

What advice would you give other communities who are interested in accreditation?

Just do it! It takes time but is very fulfilling once you are accredited.

Why does quality improvement matter to your community?

Quality improvement matters because it provides a framework to identify areas of opportunity, a means to pursue results, and the ability to measure the effectiveness of improving resident care and safety.

Why did you choose to apply for accreditation?

We decided to pursue the WALA Diamond Accreditation from the day we opened. We believe that building a quality improvement program is crucial in providing the highest level of resident care. We felt the structure of the Diamond Program provided a realistic platform for our team to develop and maintain our own quality improvement program with an emphasis on continuous improvement.

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